Telecommunications, Audiovisual and Advertising
>Telecom and V.A.T :

Obtained amendment for the telecommunication services VAT on behalf of France-Telecom; this was accomplished in the face of strong Ministry of Finance opposition.

> Television :

Obtained for a French distributor an amendment invalidating the drastic legal effects produced by a Conseil d'Etat decision, the highest administrative court in France.

>"Sapin" Law :

Drafted amendments and orchestrated parliamentary proceedings concerning the "true and fit view of economic activities" bill (Loi sur la Transparence des activités Economiques). Verified that the drafted recourse, that was then reviewed by the Constitutional Court (Conseil Constitutionnel), was consistent with the Constitution.

> Communications :

Identified the political and administrative authorities primarily interested in the issue of information mediums.

> Press :
Adviser for president of a Press group.