> Benzodiazepins :

Alerted public authorities to misinformation that had been the source of a negative lobbying and media campaign. Making such a clarification re-established this drug as an effective treatment for depression and ensured significantly lower overall social security expenditure.

> Vitamins :
Informed public authorities, administrative institutions and public leaders involved in healthcare debates (Budget, Health Bills, etc.) of the benefits associated with using vitamins 1) as a pre-emptive measure in disease control; 2) to heighten public health; and 3) as a mechanism to decrease public healthcare spending.
>Nutritional Supplements :

Created various applications, made on behalf of a French research company for relevant administrative authorities (Ministries of Finance, Budget, Health, and DGCCRF). Drafted a Bill amending the status and the law of such products.

>Pharmaceutical Industry :

Advisor to leading pharmaceutical laboratories presidents in matters concerning their relations with the administration, public authorities and elected officials.

> National Anti-Tobacco Consultant (CNCT) :

Contributed to the fight against the tobacco industry in both the French and European political realms. Collaborated with attorneys regarding various pertinent initiatives.