>Food packaging :

Conducted a public awareness campaign and parliamentary field trip to promote specific packaging types. Presented such packaging methods to administrative authorities and to both houses of parliament. Emphasis was placed on the packaging specification compared to those of its competitors. Reviewed and monitored European directives concerning beverage packaging and marketing from a legal standpoint.

> Waste :

Created a parliamentary commission on waste, which was later duplicated by the Ministry of the Environment.

> National Agency of Radioactive Waste (A. N. D. R. A) :

Presented A.N.D.R.A (National Radioactive Waste Agency) to the Members of Parliament prior to a debate over the French Energy Policy.

> Water :

Following a request from the Minister of Environment, educated and updated local elected officials on polluted drinking water.
Organised for Parliament the seminar, "Water, solidarity and sustainable development." The levying of one cent per each cubic meter in order to finance projects in developing countries was proposed.

> Forest Preservation :

Organized environmental conference for Parliament at the request of the Chairman of the Trade Standing Committee (450 participants).