Economy, Stock Exchange, Finance

>VAT Imposed on the Telecommunications Sector :

Obtained an amendment for France Telecom that called for imposing VAT on all telecommunication services. This was achieved despite the Minister of Finance's strong opposition.

>Advisor to a financial institution president
>Advisor to a Stock Exchange firm president
> Stock Exchange Tax :

Obtained an amendment to lower taxes levied on Stock Exchange dealings in France, one of the only European countries to impose such a tax. (1994)

>Law of de-Fiscalisation (offshore) :

Dealt with diverse financial law projects; provided awareness and action in order to preserve the fiscal advantages related to investments in the DOM TOM*.

>"Fiducie" ** :

Organized a symposium regarding the "fiducie"at Parliament (1999)

> Banking :

Created and organized the first-ever symposium at Parliament for the governmental study group, "the future of the banking sector." Focused on "banking restructuring and new technologies : what the future holds for the Banking and Finance sectors" (2000)

Formulated and organized the second symposium for the governmental study group, "the future of the banking sector" at Parliament. Focused on "The Stock Exchange: functionality, disfunctionality and remedies " (2001)

* Département d'Outre-Mer, Territoire d'Outre-Mer: French overseas territories
** Trustees