Agricultural Business

> Margarine :

Following the supported postulation that vegetable fat is healthier than animal fat in preventing cardiovascular disease (the most prevalent cause for death in France ). Conveyed this message to the members of Parliament. Continued as spokesperson to the Ministry of Health and the national and local press.
Margarine sales in France rose 30% in the six months following this campaign.

> Alcoholic Beverages :

Dealt with Parliamentary legislation concerning alcoholic beverages on behalf of a professional association.

> Alcohol :

Solicited by "Entreprise et Prévention" (representative body for the principal alcohol producers in France ) to lobby with regard to the "Evin" law (opposes the abuse of alcohol).

> Dairy Products :

Researched dairy quality for professional public authorities group and lobbied in the foodstuffs security debate.

> Foie gras:

Conducted a public awareness campaign to 1) facilitate the creation of a foie gras parliamentary case-study group, and 2) make representatives and ministries sensitive to questions concerning foodstuffs fraud.

>Smoked Salmon :

Conducted a European study examining the dumping practices laid down by certain producers of smoked salmon.