Véronique Queffélec is one of the founding members of Euromédiations and is now the company's business development director.

Previously, Ms. Queffélec practised law in large firms, advised Higher Courts (Conseil d'Etat and Cour de Cassation) and lectured about Parliamentary Law at Paris-V University .

In 1986, she joined Burston-Marsteller as a Public Affairs Consultant, a position that she maintained for 5 years.

In 1994, she founded Euromédiations, four years after her first company, Intermédiations, was set up.

Véronique Queffélec holds dual degrees in Political science and Environmental Law from the Paris I - Panthéon - Sorbonne University (DEA in Political Science and DEA in Public Law).

She is a member of the Association of French Constitutionalists (Association Française des Constitutionalistes).

In 1991-1992, she was selected to attend the 44th national session of the Institute of Higher Studies of National Defence (I.H.E.D.N.). Her involvement with I.H.E.D.N. led to a position as counsellor of Defence of the Ministry of the Environment alongside High Official of Defence (H.F.D.) between the years of 1993 and 1999. Simultaneously, she continued her lobbying endeavours.

Her personal achievements in the lobbying business primarily include Finance, the Environment, Healthcare and Technology but Security is her favourite topic.. She is a colonel (Civil reserve) of the French Air Force. She as a decoration State award, Chevalier de l’Ordre National du Mérite.

In January 2006 she created IndiaMediation