Being informed is essential but not sufficient. You still ought to :

  • know the intervening parties at both local and national levels and address your message accordingly
  • build up a flexible communication strategy
  • make pertinent interventions on time and address them to the relevant authority, french or european...

For a long time, lobbying activities have been successfully accepted, organized and carried on in all the leading industrialized countries through their administrative arms, the professional associations and their corporations.

EUROMEDIATIONS provides high quality services using its acknowledged expertise ans skills in the lobbying business and Economic Intelligence :

  • Strategic Construction
  • Applications made up and follow through
  • Legal diagnoses
  • Perfect knowledge of decision-making processes

EUROMEDIATIONS will assist you in :

  • anticipating and preparing the statutory developments related to your business field at both french and european levels
  • facing up in case of emergency
  • meeting the appropriate decision-making authorities and be introduced
  • building up and implementing a proper intervention strategy